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The important role of interleukin-2 in tumor

Tumor with its high incidence of high mortality has become a problem of today's world, common means of treatment including surgery radiotherapy chemotherapy and immunotherapy approach, with the development of the discipline of molecular biology and immunology, immunotherapy has become increasingly attention is one of the cytokines produced by the body, it can adjust the immune prevention of cancer occurrence and development of the restructuring has become one of the important drug in the treatment of tumors, and achieved good effect.The important role of interleukin-2 in tumor immunityInterleukin-2 by activated lymphocytes produce and secrete it through combination with interleukin receptor to produce the following roles: to stimulate lymphocyte proliferation; the activated lymphocytes natural killer cells, macrophages and other effector cells to kill tumor cells ; to stimulate lymphocyte production of tumor necrosis factor, and other immune-enhancing factor, and indirectly enhanced lymphocyte natural killer cells in giant macrophages, the effector cells to kill tumor cells by stimulating tumor cell apoptosis, a central role in the immune Show.