PLGA microspheres injected into the rabbit knee

Duan After a screening of the 10 kinds of carrier material and bFGF microspheres preparation methods of exploration, discovery polylactic acid glycolic acid copolymer (poly (1actic-CO.glyc01ic-acid), PLGA) microspheres better longer period of time, sustained release of active bFGF in. In the treatment of joint trauma, cartilage damage, limb is fixed, non-weight-bearing functional activities and normal joint activities of different functional status, release microspheres injected into the joint cavity suffered in different functional states stress environment is different; addition to hydrolysis, the local micro-environmental factors and stress factors may also be explained lowering drugs. In this study, the sustained release of bFGF PLGA microspheres injected into the rabbit knee joint cavity compare different motion states of microspheres degradation in the synovial fluid and release characteristics.