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After I, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and d to collect specimens, Emblem ball morphological changes observed in synovial fluid basic fibroblast growth factor and release changes polylactic acid. Glycolic acid copolymer microspheres carrier material changes in molecular weight. Results: microspheres stable release in the synovial fluid of sustainable 10d above basic fibroblast growth factor, basic fibroblast growth factor group after 4 d was not detected in the synovial fluid basic fibroblast growth factor. Degradation after 14d, microspheres activities group spherical completely disappeared, some debris degradation has become amorphous-like material; partially degraded microspheres fixed group, part of the spherical microspheres are still. In the degradation process, polylactic acid. Glycolic acid copolymer has a weight average molecular mass continuously decreases. Microsphere activity group phase in each time point weight-average molecular weight microspheres were lower than a fixed group, the differences were statistically significant (P <0.05).


Build the artificial activity dermis acellular amniotic slow release of basic fibroblast growth factor

The skin is the body's largest organ, has a complex structure and function. The skin tissue engineering in vitro construction of tissue engineered skin substitutes is the best solution for the treatment of skin defects. But this skin substitute is transplanted into the skin defect in slow cell ingrowth and vascularization inadequate may result in poor graft survival, which will directly lead to graft failure, and may be further induced by infection and other complications. Therefore, many studies have focused on solving these two problems. Experiment acellular amniotic membrane scaffolds, gelatin - chitosan microspheres to achieve the basic fibroblast growth factor (Basic fibroblast growth factor, bFGF) in controlled release, both composite and then planted human fibroblasts . Intends to explore this approach to build a slow release of bFGF new artificial active dermal feasibility.


Recombinant bovine eye drops

bfgf the existence of a trace protein in the mammalian and human tissue, with a wide range of biological activity of a variety of mesodermal and neuroectodermal cells derived from experimental studies have confirmed, it can effectively stimulate in vitro animal and human corneal epithelial cells in the matrix into the fiber cells and endothelial cell proliferation, migration. Such as isolated from bovine pituitary, since the purified, people's general physical and chemical properties, distribution in tissues, the mechanism of action on the tissues and cells. A lot of research and molecular biological characteristics, biological effects and clinical use of security. Recombinant bovine eye drops used in this article Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai East application of genetic engineering methods developed by the domestic production has gradually entered the industrialization and commercialization stage, and better meet the clinical and research needs.


The total effective rate in the control group

For clinical application of eye drops reported is still in trial stage, Guangzhou Medical College Huangjuan Deng reported that recombinant eye drops treatment of cases of corneal disease patients, cured patients, improved in the cases, the effective rate. This paper reports the recombinant eye drops treatment of cases, and Su Gao Jie treatment ointment treatment cases were compared, Results The total effective rate in the control group, there are significant differences. The best on the the limbus fence normal trauma, surgical cases efficacy; Second part of the chemical burn injury cases; keratitis are caused by the worst cases of efficacy. Affected by a combination of factors In addition to the factors of epithelial healing, tear quality and quantity changes and matrix damage. In short, non-toxic side effects of the reorganization of eye drops, safe and effective, and convenient, and effective treatment, it is recommended for clinical application.


Construction of artificial bioactive dermis using acellular amniotic membrane loaded with controlled-released basic fibroblast growth factor

Background: At present, the type of artificial skin substitutes are more advantages and disadvantages, is still not an ideal product used clinically. Objective: To investigate to build a slow release of the feasibility of the new artificial basic fibroblast growth factor activity in the dermis. Methods: The tissue explant culture children foreskin fibroblasts; enzyme - detergent Preparation of acellular amniotic membrane; duplex prepared by basic fibroblast growth factor - gelatin - chitosan microspheres; release microspheres The ball adhesion on acellular amniotic membrane; fourth generation of fibroblasts cultured on acellular amniotic membrane on the load-release microspheres. Results and Conclusion: The preparation of acellular amniotic membrane-like film is white translucent, high porosity, irregular voids, pore size of 10 to 100 nm. No cytotoxicity;