bFGF has good application prospect

Conclusion: basic fibroblast growth factor release microspheres can be stably placed in the joint cavity after the release, the articulation may accelerate the degradation of the microspheres and the release speed. Articular cartilage repair capacity is very limited, the application of exogenous growth factors promote cartilage defect repair is one of the most important research directions Ba. Basic fibroblast growth factor (basicfibroblastgrowth factor, bFGF) has a powerful promoting chondrocyte proliferation and matrix synthesis capacity. In a variety of sustained-release formulations, the polylactic acid biodegradable microsphere technology is a study of small but sustained release of bFGF has good application prospect. The polyester-based synthetic polymer material having good physical and chemical properties and biocompatibility, the system each microsphere system has the following advantages: slow drug degradation, reduce drug toxicity and irritation, and can regulate the size of the microspheres, sustained release period, and dissolution.