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N cisplatin in the treatment of malignant pleural effusion remission

N cisplatin in the treatment of malignant pleural effusion remission rate was significantly higher than the cisplatin group. Chen Boqing such as the effect of cisplatin combined treatment of gastrointestinal neoplasms with ascites: the combination of group therapy of malignant ascites total effective rate; single cisplatin in the treatment of malignant ascites total effective rate was significant difference Yupei Dong card capecitabine treatment of colon cancer patients, the treatment of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets levels and ratios higher than the control Zhang Shibin and antibiotic treatment of primary liver cancer in patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and found that the combination could significantly shorten the course


HCPT treatment of advanced hepatocellular

With the development of tumors, blood concentration were reduced but also affect the prognosis and survival. Research and application of interleukin-2 in cancer therapyInterleukin-2 in combination with chemotherapy in the treatment of tumorsWang Lei et al reported that interferon in combination with fluorouracil treatment of kidney cancer: postoperative year survival rate for patients did not happen Peng Yang and other serious adverse reactions with combination chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer: group than the chemotherapy alone group can improve the response rate, while improving the activity of lymphocytes in patients, improve patient quality of lifeThe amount of score Song Gaoping with joint HCPT treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma proved to improve patient response rates, to reduce the patient level, AUGUST FIRST LAND RECLAMATIO


The important role of interleukin-2 in tumor

Tumor with its high incidence of high mortality has become a problem of today's world, common means of treatment including surgery radiotherapy chemotherapy and immunotherapy approach, with the development of the discipline of molecular biology and immunology, immunotherapy has become increasingly attention is one of the cytokines produced by the body, it can adjust the immune prevention of cancer occurrence and development of the restructuring has become one of the important drug in the treatment of tumors, and achieved good effect.The important role of interleukin-2 in tumor immunityInterleukin-2 by activated lymphocytes produce and secrete it through combination with interleukin receptor to produce the following roles: to stimulate lymphocyte proliferation; the activated lymphocytes natural killer cells, macrophages and other effector cells to kill tumor cells ; to stimulate lymphocyte production of tumor necrosis factor, and other immune-enhancing factor, and indirectly enhanced lymphocyte natural killer cells in giant macrophages, the effector cells to kill tumor cells by stimulating tumor cell apoptosis, a central role in the immune Show.


PLGA microspheres injected into the rabbit knee

Duan After a screening of the 10 kinds of carrier material and bFGF microspheres preparation methods of exploration, discovery polylactic acid glycolic acid copolymer (poly (1actic-CO.glyc01ic-acid), PLGA) microspheres better longer period of time, sustained release of active bFGF in. In the treatment of joint trauma, cartilage damage, limb is fixed, non-weight-bearing functional activities and normal joint activities of different functional status, release microspheres injected into the joint cavity suffered in different functional states stress environment is different; addition to hydrolysis, the local micro-environmental factors and stress factors may also be explained lowering drugs. In this study, the sustained release of bFGF PLGA microspheres injected into the rabbit knee joint cavity compare different motion states of microspheres degradation in the synovial fluid and release characteristics.


bFGF has good application prospect

Conclusion: basic fibroblast growth factor release microspheres can be stably placed in the joint cavity after the release, the articulation may accelerate the degradation of the microspheres and the release speed. Articular cartilage repair capacity is very limited, the application of exogenous growth factors promote cartilage defect repair is one of the most important research directions Ba. Basic fibroblast growth factor (basicfibroblastgrowth factor, bFGF) has a powerful promoting chondrocyte proliferation and matrix synthesis capacity. In a variety of sustained-release formulations, the polylactic acid biodegradable microsphere technology is a study of small but sustained release of bFGF has good application prospect. The polyester-based synthetic polymer material having good physical and chemical properties and biocompatibility, the system each microsphere system has the following advantages: slow drug degradation, reduce drug toxicity and irritation, and can regulate the size of the microspheres, sustained release period, and dissolution.